Please note that PhasmoSave is in no way affiliated, or partnered with the game 'Phasmophobia'. All changes to your own files are at your own discretion and PhasmoSave cannot be held responsible for any damage to your files.
README: Phasmophobia has changed how Game Saves are stored now (end of March 2021). You can no longer load any new format gamesaves into PhasmoSave. However, there is a way to continue using PhasmoSave. Read below.
You will need to download an older format gamesave (.txt), you can download an older version here.
Make sure you delete the saveData.es3 and saveData.es3.tmp (if applicable) inside your Phasmophobia folder as the game will convert your newly-edited file to the format that Phasmophobia wants. If you don't delete these first, the game will ignore your new .txt.
If no changes are taking affect, make sure you disable Steam Cloud first on Phasmophobia. You can do this by right clicking on Phasmophobia, clicking properties, and unchecking "Keep game saves in the cloud for Phasmophobia".

If you continue to have issues, my Discord is at the top right.
Select your saveData.txt file below, located in %userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Kinetic Games\Phasmophobia to open it and modify your player preferences. You can also drag the saveData.txt onto the "Choose File" box below.
We were unable to parse your SaveData information. Please make sure that your game is set to English, and then re-play the tutorial before retrying.

How to use PhasmoSave